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November 19th

Deoghar Resolution-4


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September 14th

Address supply side on food: World Bank

Demand-side control cannot be an answer beyond a point to India’s persistently high food price inflation, the World Bank said Consumer price-based food inflation in India has been at 10-20 per cent for quite a long while, noted its report on ‘Food inflation in South Asia’.

Govt's draft Spectrum Act proposes market-based spectrum pricing

The outcry over the 2G spectrum scam has prompted the government to prepare a draft Spectrum Act, which could well become India's first ever legislation to govern management, pricing and allocation of a scarce national resource.

Govt eases FII investment rules in infra

The government eased foreign institutional investment rules in the long-term infrastructure corporate bonds to attract overseas funds to the key infrastructure sector.

Industrial growth slows to 3.3%

Industrial output in July grew at its slowest pace in nearly two years as the manufacturing sector growth moderated due to the impact of high interest rates, mounting pressure on RBI to pause in its rate tightening cycle.

August 29th

Anna Hazare ends fast

Anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare on Sunday broke his 12-day fast on the Lokpal issue, declaring that he had only suspended his movement and not ended it.

At 10.19 a.m., on a jam-packed Ramlila Maidan, the 74-year-old activist ended his fast by sipping of tender coconut water and honey, which were offered to him by two little girls – Simran (a Dalit) and Ikrah (a Muslim). “This will bring to an end the longest roza in the world,'' said an activist, referring to Ramzan.

Ready to march under your leadership, Gadkari tells Hazare

Bharatiya Janata Party president Nitin Gadkari has promised social activist Anna Hazare his party's solid support for all future agitations. Mr. Gadkari said his party was ready to “march forward” under his leadership.

Mr. Gadkari said: “We promise you [Anna] that the BJP will always be ready to rally around you and march forward under your leadership should the need arise any time in future to fulfil your dream of a truly democratic, corruption-free India. Anna, rest assured, we will not let you down in and outside Parliament. Nor will we allow the government to betray you any further.”