June 17th, 2015

Greek PM tears into lenders as euro zone prepares for 'Grexit'

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras accused Greece's creditors of trying to "humiliate" Greeks with more cuts as he defied a growing drumbeat of warnings that Europe was preparing for his country to leave the euro.

The unrepentant address to lawmakers after the collapse of talks with European and IMF lenders at the weekend was the clearest sign yet that the leftist leader has no intention of making a last-minute U-turn and accepting austerity cuts needed to unlock frozen aid and avoid a debt default within two weeks.

June 13th

RSS arm balks, CM flips on GM crops

Nagpur, June 9: Maharashtra's BJP-led government has put on hold confined field trials for genetically modified (GM) crops "until all doubts are cleared", following "objections from reputed members of society" including RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch.

No time bar has been specified for the restrictions, which come days before the onset of the monsoon and the start of the sowing season.

June 10th

MNCs doing unethical business, disrespecting laws: Swadeshi Jagran Manch

The Manch said foreign multi-national corporations were "disrespecting the country's laws and indulging in unethical practices with the sole objective of making profits" and demanded formulation of strict safety and quality standards for their food products.

May 29th

Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh clarifies government's stand on GM crops

PATNA: The government will "abide by Supreme Court directions" on allowing Genetically Modified crops in the country, Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh today said while clarifying Centre's stand on the controversial issue.

"The matter of GM crops is pending in the Supreme Court and the directions given by it will be implemented. The government will abide by SC directions," Singh told reporters while reacting to a question on the issue.

May 25th

SJM writes to PM Modi, scrap FDI in multi-brand retail

RSS body RSS Swadeshi Jagran Manch writes to PM Modi, scrap FDI in multi-brand retail

RSS affiliate Swadeshi Jagran Manch(SJM) today expressed its strong disapproval of BJP's decision to retain UPA's FDI policy in multi-brand retail and demanded that this measure be dropped, accusing it of doing a "U-turn".

In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of his government's first anniversary, SJM's National co-convenor Ashwani Mahajan said the Manch was pained by the BJP dispensation's decision to retain the previous Congress-led UPA' policy of allowing foreign retailers to open multi brand stores with 51 per cent ownership.

April 30th

Swadeshi Jan-Sansad Handbill

April 16th

Centre removes remaining 20 vital items from exclusive MSME manufacturing list

Fireworks, safety matches, bread, wood and steel furniture and agarbattis are among the 20 items that will no longer be exclusively produced by micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The government on Monday (March 13,) removed the remaining 20 items from the original list of over 800 items reserved for exclusive production by the MSME sector, thus bringing to an end a policy regime being followed since the 1960s to promote and facilitate the small sector, considered a big employment generator.

April 8th

PM Modi launches Mudra bank for small firms

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a bank with a corpus of Rs 20,000 crore to extend credit of up to Rs 10 lakh to small businesses. (Photo: PIB/Twitter)

US to Deploy Unmanned 'Ghost Ships' to Track Submarines

Called the Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel (ACTUV), the ships will detect and track diesel-powered subs, trailing from an observable distance, reports the Sputnik.

Set to drift in the high seas, the robotic Sea Hunter will silently follow potentially hostile submarines.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has been developing an unmanned, 132-foot patrol boat for years. The ACTUV ships will detect and track diesel-powered subs, trailing from an observable distance like that awkward cousin at the family BBQ.