Swadeshi Jagaran Manch A Bird’s Eye view on WTO regime as on 17th July 2006


60th round Survey by NSSOCasual Labour -
66% in Rural 59% in Urban (Male)
84% in Rural 55% in Urban (Female)
In a letter written by the Director General of ILO to the World Economic Forum on 25th January 2006, the following points about our country (India) are notable:

Government of India is proceeding step-by-step toward making the rupee fully convertible into foreign currencies. That would make it possible for Indian citizens to buy dollars for capital investment in the New York Stock Exchange. Presently it is possible to buy dollars only for current transactions such as education, business travel and purchase of magazines etc.

The Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRAI) through its recommendations has virtually told the Government to legalise for a paltry penalty the fraud played by Reliance Infocom and get on with life!

UNCTAD has pointed out in the World Investment Report 2003 that FDI inflows to the developing countries have fallen from $246 billion in 2000 to $162 billion in 2002. UNCTAD predicts that FDI flows will stabilise in 2003, and rebound in 2004.

Without Foreign Direct Investment of $ 10 billions every year, we cannot achieve 8% growth’, said an ´expert’. He wanted the full opening of the country to FDI. See what is happening today. We are actually growing when FDI is factually going down. The FDI this year is less by 50%. But instead of falling by 50%, our economy is forging ahead by almost that number. Says the Central Statistical Organisation; we are likely to top 7% growth in GDP this year.

A Record year for KVIC: Rs 10193.34 Crores Turnover, 14.39 % Growth and 66.45 lakhs New Jobs

The whole discussion at Cancun was centered around two issues, namely Agriculture and Singapore issues. The EU was determined not to shed any further than what they had committed in their Common Agriculture Policy and partially to what they had declared in understanding with US on 13th August 2003. The Cancun Draft released on 24th August was biased in favour of EU and US.

In India, MNCs are feared for their money power, respected for their muscle power and now being pampered with unparalleled and unheard of monetary rewards and other exclusive bonanza. The term Multinational is coined mainly to camouflage the real power that drives the corporations to their own objective, which always is foreign. Corporations describe themselves multinational mainly for the reason that they are manned with staff recruited from a number of countries.

In the past four months, hundreds of farmers in Karnataka, ironically the hub of GM industry, have taken the fatal route to escape the pangs of hunger and the growing humiliation that comes along with crop failures. Unable to understand the ground realities, the Karnataka government has been thinking of sending psychiatrists to talk to farmers. Andhra Pradesh government too had followed this misplaced vision.