Resolution-1 (Madurai Sammelan)-E

13th National Convention, 18, 19, 20 January 2019 (Madurai, Tamil Nadu)

Resolution-1 (E)
Infiltration and its impact on Indian Economy

Infiltration has been posing serious problems to the economy, polity and society of India and national security. Today there are about 4 crores infiltrators in our country, most of them being from Bangladesh. Assam and West Bengal are the worst hit by this problem. But today the menace of infiltration is rapidly spreading to all other states including the southern states like Kerala and Karnataka. The problem of infiltration is not regional but has spread all over the country

India is already facing the problem of unemployment, due to rapidly growing population and inadequate employment generation. The large numbers of infiltrators are aggravating the problem of unemployment. They are steeling jobs from genuine Indian youths. The problem is very acute in the construction sector, industrial sector, hospitality sector, service sector, agricultural sector and so on. So, as a result of natural demand and supply rule of economy, the wages of Indian labours are decreasing regularly.

Increasing inflation :- Sources of production is static but demand of goods is increasing, due to infiltration. As a result of natural demand and supply rule of economy the inflation is increasing.

Money laundering :- A huge portion of the money infiltrators earned as wages is sent to their homeland illegally, which affects Indian economy.

Acquiring and misuse of govt resources:- For their huge number they became a strong vote bank in many assembly and parliamentary constituency and so they are enjoying the patronage of political parties. In this way misuse of govt money is happening.

Land grabbing :- infiltrators grab government lands illegally in prime areas like beside highways, railways, army base, airport etc., which creates damages in infrastructure development and probability of sabotage is increasing. Sometimes they acquire private land of sons of the soils, then legal problems takes place. In Kokrajhar, Assam land of son of soils were acquired by infiltrators, which created law & order problem, resulting in Kokrajhar riots in 2016.

National security :- In most of the cases, infiltrators aquires land and create slums in sensitive areas of major cities. They support the anti-national forces. It creates threat for national security.

Effect on retail business :- Infiltrators acquires footpaths and become street vendors and fishermen, which adversely affects the business of Indian retailers, fishermen etc.

Analysis of decreasing native people population between 1988 to 2018

District 1998 2018
Native People Population (%) Native People Population (%)
Murshidabad 71 37
Malda 63 49
Nadia 77 57
North 24 Pargana 81 52
South 24 Pargana 83 54
North Dinajpur 91 67
South Dinajpur 74 44
Barpeta (Assam) 60 28

(North & South Dinajpur is the part of chicken's neck. Demographical change in this area is a great threat for National Security.)

Demographical changes :- As a result of demographical changes due to large scale infiltration, foreign infiltrator community become majority and the native people are becoming minority within the last 30 years. This is a snapshot of demographical changes in some districts but including metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. the problem of demographic changes is faced all over the country. To protect ourselves from the problems created by infiltrators, we have to fight against infiltration.

13th national conference of SJM demands :- Seal the border :- Like the western border with Pakistan the eastern border with Bangladesh should also be sealed and be handed over to army.
All political parties must include the problem of infiltration in their manifestos for the coming general elections 2019, declare their stand about infiltration in clear terms.
NRC :- National Register of Citizens should be introduced all over the country as soon as possible and flush out the infiltrators from our homeland.
Appeal to our countrymen:- Our appeal to the countrymen is that to save our country from infiltration no employment, shelter or help he offered to infiltrators.