Sh. Prakash Javdekar
Minister of Environment & Forest
Govt. of India, New Delhi

Subject: Commercial Production of GM Mustard

Dear Sir,

You are well aware of the concern of Swadeshi Jagran Manch about the GM technology in general, particularly in food crops. Swadeshi Jagran Manch has repeatedly brought to your notice the concerns of people, scientific community and all other stake holders in this regard. It is well established that tall claims of corporate engaged in promotion of GM technology are unproven and on the contrary its ill effects are scientifically established. We are not going to repeat all those facts and figures here as they already are lying with the concerned authorities. To briefly sum up we may repeat that GM technology is neither increasing the yield of the crops nor is it in any way decreasing the miseries of the farming community. On the other hand it enhances serious risks to the health of consumers as well as that of the soil. It also increases the cost of cultivation manifold, while transferring the same to corporate as immoral profits.

It is with this brief remainder of the background that we receive the reports of commercial productions of GM mustard being envisaged in the country. Reports suggest that field trial for GM mustard were conducted, some of the them even without approval from appropriate authorities and are now set to enter commercial production. It is submitted that GEAC under your Ministry has failed to make the scientific data of these claimed field trials public (by publishing the same on their website). SJM reminds you that the only application for allowing commercial production of any GM/BT variety was made in 2010 with regard to BT Brinjal. Fierce opposition of affected stake holders under the aegis of Swadeshi Jagran Manch forced the then UPA government to imposed indefinite moratorium. At that point of time scientific community was able to study and analyse data provided by GEAC then. In a democratic set up elected governments have constitutional and moral responsibility to share with public any information and data that has bearing on their health, environment, biodiversity and over all well being including that of their progenies.

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch reiterates its long pending demands:-

  1. No permission is granted for the commercial production of GM Mustard.
  2. Data emanating from field trials conducted so far be made public so as to allow scientific analysis of the same.

Thank you

Dr. Ashwani Mahajan