12वां अखिल भारतीय सम्मेलन, जोधपुर (राजस्थान)
दिनांक 25-27 दिसंबर 2015

Resolution – 3

Constitute National Commission for Education

Education is the best means to develop the personality of a person, identity of the society and dignity of the nation. If education policy is framed with this objective in mind there is no reason why education will not be fruitful and result oriented. 12th National convention of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch expresses deep concern over the vast anomalies in the current education system due to repeated interference by different political parties and vested interest groups.

Persona of any individual stands out due to her/his integrity, morality along with personal behaviour. It is scientifically & psychologically well established globally that education in a person’s mother tongue is the best way for the balanced development of body, soul and mind intellect. Yoga based education further helps in enhancement of internal qualities is also well recognised. Although NCERT has accepted yoga as an important part of the curriculum but it has not removed the incongruity of not using of mother tongue as a medium of education in first place.

A harmonious society is the best organised society. Role of education in achieving the desired harmony in the society is possible only when opportunity to receive quality education is available to every section of the society without distinction of caste, creed, religion or language. commercialisation of education and individuals, organisations and institutions involved in facilitation of FDI are not only helping outsiders to make inroads into our education sector but also are dividing society into two sections viz. rich and poor or have and have-nots’. In the name of minority rights, superfluous subjects are being taught to students. Need of the hour is to take corrective measures to eliminate these anomalies and make universal and inclusive education available easily to all. It is crucial requirement of present times.

In the comity of nations, if India has to gain its lost reputation, then the education system has to be based on the concept of “Vasudhev Kutambakam”, which means absolute universal brotherhood. The upheavals in political arena and changes in political establishments should not affect the education policies otherwise it will lose its importance.

Swadeshi Jagaran Manch national conference therefore demands that government of India must take appropriate steps for its implement following suggestions:

  1. Declining quality and standard of education as a result of promoting all students to next class up to 8th standard & making board exams optional for 10th class student needs to be reversed with immediate effect.
  2. Digitalisation and declaration of information about basic infrastructure, student-teacher ratio and all other facilities available must be made compulsory for all the government and private schools, colleges, universities and other institutions of learning to eliminate corruption and irregularities.
  3. Curriculum must include inclusive Swadeshi life style, moral education and R&D
  4. This objective can be achieved only if an autonomous and self regulatory commission is constituted on the pattern of Bar Councils or Institute of Chartered Accountants on all levels from Village Panchayat to national level and is assigned the responsibility of framing education policy and also governing the education sector.