National Council of SJM in Agra (Uttar Pradesh)
19, 20 May 2012

National convener of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch came down heavily upon the unholy nexus of modern science, commerce and power elite that is threatening the very existence of human race.

Speaking in the concluding session of National Executive council of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch that met in Agra (Uttar Pradesh) on 19th & 20th May 2012, sh. Arun Ojha cited the example ofBayer that manufactures Nexaver, an anti cancer drug. The German company was charging a whopping Rs. 2.80,000 for a monthly dose just because it holds s the patent of the drug. The moment Drug controller of India issued compulsory license to Natco, a Hyderabad based Pharma company the costs came down to Rs8800. Cipla has promised to provide the drug for Rs 6500 only. Sh. Arun ji cited this example to point out the inhuman, abusive and cruel nature of MNCs who don’t hesitate to profit from human suffering.

The two day NEC meeting was well attended and all the participants were full of enthusiasm, vigor and hope. All most all the issues currently confronting the nation were discussed threadbare and future course of activities charted out. Three resolutions were also passed unanimously in the two day meet.

Brief talks on important topics of national importance were delivered by experienced and knowledgeable national leadership of the SJM. A public programme was also held on 19th of May. Prominent citizens of Agra attended it in large number. The venue hall was packed to capacity.

Panel of speakers was eminent and impressive in exposition of the subject. It was a remarkable symposium that will be remembered by the participants for a long time to come.

Inaugural session of the two day meet was held at 10.30 a.m. National convener Sh. Arun Ojha inaugurated the meet. National Co-conveners Sh. Saroj Mitra, Sh. S. Gurumurthy, Prof. B. Kumarswamy, Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma and National Sanghathak Sh. Kashmiri Lal were also present on the dais. All of them together lit the traditional lamp.

Sh. Arun Ojha reminded the importance of Agra for SJM because many important decisions in the brief history of SJM were taken here. He set the agenda of the meet in his brief speech and asked delegates to take appropriate decisions in view of the rapidly changing situation. Prof. Bhagwati Prakash Sharma said in his speech gave a detailed account of the important moments of SJM during last 20 years.

In the second session state units submitted their reports. Sh. Nambi Narayan gave a brief account of the 840 KM yatra that covered 32 cities on the issues like FDI in retail Trade, BRAI, Land Acquisition Bill, black money and water policy in Tamil Nadu. Shree Prannoy Roy reported about the potato farmers conference and other events in Bengal, sh. Devendra Vishwakarma about youth wing activities in MP, regarding Jharkhand by Shri Rajesh Upadhyay, forced entry , arrest and release without bail against Coca – Cola company in Plachimadha by KV Biju, about Bihar by Shri Akhilesh Singh. Sh.Swat Ranjan of Orissa, Shri Mohan Pawar from Chhattisgarh, Shri Anupam Srivastava about Awadh province , sh.Jankraj Mudgil about Himachal Pradesh, sh. Subash Sharma about Punjab, shree Rajmahendra Reddy of Andhra Pradesh, sh. Yashovrdhn Tripathi of Kashi ,Shri Bhagirath Chaudary of Rajasthan and smt. Renu Puranik were other persons to submit reports of activities in their respective areas. Swadeshi Samarthak campaign was also discussed in detail. Members shared their experiences in this regard and suggested to continue it in a time bound mode.

Publication of literature linked to Rashtra Rishi Dattopant Thengadi: Sh. Ramdas Pandey (contact nos-9868259868, 011-23222654) of BMS informed the NEC about the effort to gather and publish the available material about the life, vision, mission and ideas of Rashtra Rishi Dattopant Thengadi. The literature on all aspects related to his life and ideas like events, speeches, Audio and video CDs, Visits and personal anecdotes are being collected from all over the country. Idea is to compile it all and release by the year 2014, he added.

Ajay Bharti, editor SwadeshiPatrika also shared with the council members’ information regarding the publication of a series of write ups about Thengdi Ji in Swadeshipatrika for last three months. He appealed for contribution to this series from members and the people in their contact who knew and were associated with Dattopant ji. Ajay Bharti described it as a duty of every follower of Thengdi ji to disseminate information about him to people across the globe. Sh. Arun Ojha National Convener urged all members to support the cause.

In third session Sh. Saroj Mitra spoke about the need of the organization/front like SJM .Taking further the thread where it was left by Sh. Saroj Da, Sh. S. Gurumurthy recalled the atmosphere prevailing in the world and in the country at the time SJM came into existence 20 years back.

Sh. Muralidhar Rao, former national convener spoke about agriculture and the problems farming in India is facing.

An Impressive public meeting was held on the subject proud part, challenging present and bright future of India.

Regarding Rashtriya Vichar Varga (National workshops) region wise dates and venue were give as follows: Eastern Region – Date 6,7,8 July 2012, Bodh Gaya (Bihar) .Western Region – dates will be communicated shortly. North Zone – dated June 2012 1,2,3, Bhilwara (Rajasthan) South Zone – 10,11,12 dated August 2012, Trichy (Tamil Nadu)

Sh. Arun Ojha ji also announced the following changes and or addition to the responsibility of following:

  • Dr. Dhannpatram Agarwal (Kolkatta), National Co – Convener.
  • Sh. R. Sundaram (Madurai), Regional Coordinator (all four provinces of South)
  • Sh. Govindram Agarwal (New Delhi), State Convener (Delhi)
  • Sh. Sushil Panchal, Co – convener (Delhi)
  • Sh. Ashutosh, Co-convener (Delhi)
  • Sh. Narottam Thakur, Co-convener (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Sh. Dina Nath Thakur, Prant Sangathak (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Smt. Anjna Sony, National Council Member (Himachal Pradesh)
  • Sh. Arvind Agarwal, National Council Member (Western UP)
  • Sh. Shiromani Dubey, National Council Member (MP)
  • Sh. Sharad Agarwal, National Council Member (Jabalpur, M.P.)
  • Sh. Jitendra Mahajan, National Council Member (Delhi)

11th National Conference will be held from 4-7 October 2012 at Nagpur (Maharashtra), NEC was informed. A huge congregation of farmers and people related to farming will be held in New Delhi. Information including dates in this regard will be notified shortly.

Resolution – 1:  Hindi  English

Resolution – 2:  Hindi  English

Resolution – 3:  Hindi  English