12वां अखिल भारतीय सम्मेलन, जोधपुर (राजस्थान)
दिनांक 25-27 दिसंबर 2015

Resolution – 1

Sustainable Development – Need of the Hour

Global warming and climate change are becoming increasingly ferocious with each passing year. World eteorological Organization (W.M.O.) has recently stated that 2015 was the hottest year on record. If we make a list of 15 hottest years of the last 150 years, all the 15 years since 2000 appear in it. This only shows the seriousness of the problem of Global warming in the 21st century.

With increasing global temperature, extreme weather events such as heavy to very heavy down pour in limited areas, such as the one witnessed in Chennai and surrounding areas of Tamil Nadu during November and early December and severe famine situations as in rest of the country, are going to be more and more frequent. The Chennai flood, exposed the helplessness of human beings against the fury of nature and the failings of human institutions. If several cities are battered simultaneously, year after year, who will help whom?

The entire world has become a prey of its own folly. The unsustainable development model which originated in the west since 1850 and is mindlessly followed by the whole world today is to be blamed for this global climate crisis. The Western Development model is unsustainable because within a very short period of 160 years, since it began in 1850, it has brought the whole world to this tipping point. The global temperature has increased by just 1°C above pre-industrial revolution global temperature. If the climatic situation is going out of our control, even at + 1°C, what would happen, if global temperature rises to +2°C and beyond?

The Western Development Model is strongly based on its equally unsustainable consumption model. It is greedy and short sighted. The Living Planet Report-2014 prepared by W.W.F. clearly states that half of world’s wild animals are lost since 1970 due to over hunting, over fishing, over-poaching and habitat loss. It further states that if the whole world is to adopt the level of consumption of resources as the United States, we need 4 earths to supply resources. This only proves the unsustainability of the western life style.

The Paris Climate Agreement that recently concluded with a lot of fanfare, miserably fails in emphasising sustainable development and sustainable life style, to the world community especially to the people in the developed countries.
What is the way out? Symbolic and patchy compromises with the current Western Development and life style model is not going to save the world at all. We need a Paradigm shift in the pattern of Development and life style to more benign and more sustainable pattern.

A living and time tested example of sustainable model of development and life style is the Bharathiya Model of Development, which can also be called Swadeshi Model of Development and Life style. The Swadeshi Model is holistic in the sense it gives equal importance to the materialist (Artha, Kama) as well as the spiritual aspects of life (Dharma & Moksha). It gives great respect and reverence to mother earth, in all her manifestations-animate and inanimate. Swadeshi life style advocates responsible consumption, keeping the requirements of the future generations of life in mind. Today not only India, but the whole world needs to revive and practice the sustainable development model and life style that Bharat practiced successfully for centuries.

The Jodhpur National Conference of Swadeshi Jagarana Manch urges the government to,

  1. undertake widespread research into the various aspects of the Bharatiya Sustainable Development Model and Life Style through various research institutions and universities.
  2. propagate the research findings widely among the so called experts and the universities.
  3. Restructure the government’s Development Priorities and Programmes accordingly.
  4. accord top most priority for Renewable Energy sources as found in the INDC submitted by India to COP-21.
  5. propagate and incentivise organic farming and animal husbandry.
  6. Give top priority for afforestation with lot of indigenous species and particularly fruit bearing species, which can supply abundant food to the wild life and birds.

The Swadeshi Jagarana Manch (S.J.M.) also urges the Karyakarthas and the general public to adopt Environment friendly Production methods and life style.