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Resolution-3 (SJM's NCM (online) 5-6 June 2021)

Universal Access to Covid Vaccines and Medicines Necessary

More than 17.5 crore persons worldwide and more than 2.85 crore in India have been swinging between life and death, after having got infected from Corona in the last one year. More than 37 lac persons across the world and 3.4 lac in India have succumbed to untimely death from Covid-19. Rest of the population is also scared of the fear of being infected from Covid-19. Therefore, to treat the infected patients and to prevent infection from Covid-19, universal access to vaccines and medicines is most essential. Today in Israel, US, UK, Bhutan and Norway etc. the new infections and death rate from Corona is under control, where the majority of the adult population has been vaccinated. 

In this regard, the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch is of unequivocal opinion that the treatment of Covid infected patients and the protection of the entire population at home and worldwide is possible by universal access to the vaccines and medicines. But, in the wake of inhumane patent laws, the supply of these vaccines and medicines is very meagre and prices are exorbitant due to the monopoly of few companies. To relieve the 786 crore population from the strife of corona, freeing of vaccines, medicines and ingredients used in their manufacturing from patents and provisions of TRIPs, transfer of their production technology to all capable and desirous manufacturers and adequate supply of their ingredients is essential. Therefore, the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch has launched a worldwide campaign including India entitled, Universal Access to Vaccines and Medicines, the UAVM for making these vaccines and medicines for everyone. Under this campaign securing of online signatures, national and international conferences, demonstrations, other programs of mass awakening, press conferences and distribution of literature and similar other programs are being conducted. Swadeshi Jagaran Manch is deeply grateful to all the organisations, individuals and institutions participating in these programs for their extensive cooperation being received from the country and abroad in this campaign. 

The national council of Swadeshi Jagaran Manch urges the World Trade Organisation and all those governments who are opposing the patent exemption of these vaccines and medicines. Manch warns them that these vaccines, medicines and the ingredients used in them should be made patent free and their technology transfer should be made mandatory for their patent holders. These patent-holding companies must ensure maximum supply of these vaccines, drugs and the materials used in them, with absolute neutrality of benefits and must transfer the technology without royalty to all the desirous manufacturers. Manch calls upon all its members, along with the global community, mass organisations active at various levels, individuals, groups and institutions, for making this Universal Access to Vaccines and Medicines (UAVM) campaign so strong and powerful by making it effective, so that the governments opposing the patent exemption of these drugs and medicines give up on their obduracy, the patent-holding companies transfer their technology without any delay, and global governments legislate necessary laws to ensure their technology transfer and supply of ingredients. 

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